Dallas / / Utah / / Pittsburgh


T H E  A R T

My work is my form of meditation in which I am able to disassemble and reflect on my experiences. I use texture, organic materials and abstraction as tools to remark on the human experience in its intrinsic ability to be simultaneously prosaic and magnificent, complex and simple, crude and sublime. I strive to honor the innate human goodness that resides within each individual as well as shed light on the divine source of this inherent nature. 

I feel most liberated in the art making process when replacing intention for the work with intuition, exploring outside the boundaries of planning and precision, allowing the repercussions of each mark or addition to dictate the path the piece will take until it is finished. Ultimately, my hope is to incite the viewer to see the world around them in a unique way that insists upon a rediscovery of human worth and the divine nature of every soul.